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Best Place to stay in Palm Springs This Winter

Heather Taylor - January 18, 2022

The Luxurious Vacation You Need

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Palm Springs is a destination defined by luxury experiences, including staying at the best place to stay in Palm Springs. If you’re looking to indulge a bit this winter, start your journey with a Select Registry Bed and Breakfast. It won’t take you long to see why we call it the best place to stay in Palm Springs, and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Palm Springs has long been a popular escape for A-list Hollywood Celebrities, many of whom still maintain homes in the area. That’s not a surprise, given that it’s only about 100 miles from Los Angeles. 

Palm Springs has been many things over the decades. Still, apart from being a playground for the rich and famous, it’s well-loved for its natural hot springs, luxury hotels, exceptional restaurants, golf courses, and, of course, its famously sunny weather. The city is also LGBTQ-friendly, with the city hosting the annual White Party in April and the Greater Palm Springs Pride Celebration every November.

Whatever it is that brings you to Palm Springs this winter, know you have a welcoming and luxurious experience waiting for you at our Select Registry boutique hotel in the area – easily the best place to stay in Palm Springs. Keep reading to learn more about the Select Registry brand. Don’t just book your lodging this winter; Select it!

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Why You Should Visit Palm Springs

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Palm Springs this winter. Whether you’re looking for a bit of R&R and sun therapy or are more interested in the exciting events coming to town, Palm Springs has a little bit of something for everyone.  

Palm Springs also happens to be a great destination to consider for travel during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, thanks in large part to its warm weather, wide-open spaces, and abundant outdoor venues. Whether you want to spend your time golfing at the 300+ golf courses, hiking through beautiful desert landscapes, or venturing out to Joshua Tree National Park, there are plenty of ways to stay safe and still enjoy a restful vacation in the desert.  

The city also has a heavy focus on art and design. It’s a mecca for lovers of midcentury modern design, as the city is full of mid-century homes and commercial buildings designed by notable architects. The love of Modernism culminates each year during Modernism Week in February. Beyond Modernism, though, Palm Springs has a stunning Art Museum and Architecture & Design Center that is entirely worth exploring. 

Like any excellent luxury destination, Palm Springs is also host to some incredible shopping and high-end spas and wellness centers– the perfect complement to your winter getaway. More than anything, though, Palm Springs is a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the Sonoran Desert.

All of this and more are steps away from what we consider the best place to stay in Palm Springs. Moreover, while there, you’ll find an unbeatable sense of relaxed tranquility. Are you ready to sink into sumptuous luxury?

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The Best Place to Stay in Palm Springs

If you’re searching for the best place to stay in Palm Springs, especially if you want to embrace a bit of the luxury this desert paradise is known for, then you’re in the right place. Select Registry, a diverse collection of Inns around the country, offers luxurious lodging in some of the country’s top vacation destinations, including Palm Springs.

So what is it that makes our properties the best place to stay in Palm Springs? There’s no simple answer to that, but it starts with offering something unique.

From location and style of accommodations to amenities and available experiences, you’ll love the unique sense of place offered at our properties. Whether you want to stay in a cozy cottage, a rustic mountain lodge, a stately mansion, or a posh boutique hotel, you can find it in our portfolio of properties.

But beyond just providing you with an exceptional place to stay, Select Registry offers you something a bit more intangible. In an era of impersonal home or apartment rentals and large hotel chains, Select Registry properties offer you a warm welcome, a home-cooked meal, and a personalized stay you can’t find anywhere else.  

It’s this personal care and attention to detail that makes our property the best place to stay in Palm Springs – and, well, anywhere else, you might find a Select Registry Bed and Breakfast. Our Inns have also passed the most comprehensive inspection in the hospitality industry. Each innkeeper maintains the same level of dedication to our core values of quality, authenticity, and community. 

We also offer rewards for our loyal Select Registry guests. So not only do you get the opportunity to travel around the country with us, experiencing the best of our incredible destinations and meeting amazing people along the way but you get rewarded for it, too! With all of these things combined, is it any wonder that our Inn is the best place to stay in Palm Springs?

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