Best Vacation for your Myers Briggs Personality

Best Vacation for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Select Registry - February 5, 2016

Have you ever tried taking the Myers-Briggs personality test? The Washington Post estimates that two million people take the test each year. Used widely by businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions, the Myers-Briggs personality test is considered the gold standard of psychological assessments. Your personality type can tell you a lot about yourself, including what careers you may want to consider, how you interact with others, and how you process information.

Learning about your personality is a great way to better understand yourself. Once you’ve taken the test, check out these suggestions on the best vacation for your Myers-Briggs personality type! To find out about other destinations with Select Registry properties, browse our experience sections, including places near natural wonders.


How does the Myers-Briggs Personality Test work? Influenced by the work of psychologist Carl Jung, the tests asks participants a variety of questions to determine a person’s natural responses to certain situations. The answers are then categorized and scores based on these eight different personality traits:

Type 1: Extrovert (E) OR Introvert (I) If you’re an extrovert, you’re very social and enjoy being around people often. Introverts gather energy when they are alone, so they need time to themselves.

Type 2: Sensing (S) OR Intuitive (N) Facts and data are important to sensing people because that’s how they make decisions. They are extremely practical, while intuitive people are more imaginative and creative and tend to make decisions based on their intuition.

Type 3: Thinking (T) OR Feeling (F) Thinkers look for truth, principle, and logic to make decisions. They see things as black and white, which makes objectivity one of their greatest strengths. Feelers are more subjective because they see things in shades of gray are often make decisions based on their emotions.

Type 4: Judging (J) or Perceiving (P) If you fall into the judging category, you like structure and organization. You make decisions and form opinions easily. Perceivers must have all of the information to make a decision.

In total, there are 16 Myer-Briggs personality type combinations. If you don’t know your type, take the test now, then find out what is the best vacation for your Myers-Briggs personality type!



Introvert – Sensing – Thinking – Judging: If you’re an ISTJ, you enjoy order in every aspect of your life. Time and time again, you are successful because of your neverending thoroughness and dependability. The thought of a surprise trip out of the blue makes you want to run for your planner! The best vacation for your Myers-Briggs personality type is one where you can plan everything out thoroughly.

Since you are an introvert, take a trip to the mountains to enjoy some fresh air and scenic views. You’ll have a chance to relax and explore the natural beauty of the area by hiking or biking. When night falls, try looking at the sky at some of the Best Places to Stargaze in the US.



Introvert – Sensing – Feeling – Judging: Like ISTJ, ISFJ personalities are quiet and orderly. You value your relationships, and you’re the one friend that’s always there as support no matter what. You know exactly what you and your best friend’s need: Less work and worries—more fun!

Surprise everyone with a weekend getaway to Wine Country. Your friends will be delighted and you’ll all enjoy some much-needed rest, laughs, and wine! If you’re an adventurous bunch, go on a hot air balloon ride and see Wine Country from several thousand feet up.



Introvert – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging: You live for meaningful connections in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. You’re also fascinated with psychology, especially understanding the motivations of others. Go somewhere you can learn all about the destination by sightseeing or chatting with locals!


Plan a vacation to an area that’s rich in history and known for its friendliness, like the Southeast. There’s no better destination than the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. Coined as the “Ancient City,” St. Augustine is full of interesting historical landmarks like the Castillo de San Marcos, Lightner Museum, and Fort Matanzas. Other historical features you’ll love are the St. Augustine’s bed and breakfasts and inns.

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Introvert – Intuitive – Thinking – Judging: You are an original thinker with a strong ability to achieve your goals! You have high standards for yourself and for others, so naturally you want to travel somewhere that fits those standards. Big cities work for you, as long as they are luxurious, clean, and safe. You could also enjoy a getaway in the country if the same standards are met.

Staying at the best hotel you can afford is necessary. You have stayed in large chain hotels, but you often feel like the experience is impersonal and manufactured. The ideal vacation would be somewhere luxurious, complete with smaller (and higher quality) lodging accommodations. Consider a lodge or small boutique hotel for your stay. It’s a smaller, more personal operation that will provide the pampered and personalized lodging experience you desire (and deserve).

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Introvert – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving: While others often fixate on an issue, you’ve already figured out the cause and effect of the problem. This is because ISTP people are quiet observers more interested in finding logical solutions than worrying about what’s happened. Being the designated problem solver can take a toll on you. It’s time you treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation!

There are two ideal vacations for your personality type: a weekend spent enjoying a spa retreat or a getaway to the country. If you’re not intrigued by the idea of a weekend of pampering with a massage and other services, choose the country getaway. Animals and nature are therapeutic for you, so go somewhere you can ride horses and enjoy the outdoors!

Enjoy these Select Registry properties near outdoor adventures!



Introvert – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving: Your friends describe you as sensitive and kind. True to your introverted nature, you require your own space and time to rest and recover. A quiet weekend away would do you some good! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some time to take your mind off work and other stressful aspects of life.

Consider planning a romantic getaway to the beach during the off-peak season. With this type of getaway, you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean waves hitting the shore without having to fight the crowds for your plot of sand!

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Introvert – Intuitive – Feeling – Perceiving: If you’re an INFP, you are probably idealistic, which makes you quick to recognize how certain possibilities can help to implement your ideas! You’re also fiercely loyal which makes you a great boss because you genuinely want to understand others and help them live up to their potential. You love to be around people, so group trips are the best kind of vacation for your Myers-Briggs personality type!

Plan a trip with many fun team building activities. You know your success depends on the people who work for you. Treat them to a relaxing work retreat with plenty of fun team building activities. Head to the mountains and try zip lining, white water rafting, or camping!



Introvert – Intuitive – Thinking – Perceiving: You are a perpetual student. You tend to be a quiet, analytical thinker who prefers to be in the company of your thoughts over other people. You’re not likely to hang by a loud and crowded resort pool. Being around too many people and too much noise distracts you from the INTP’s greatest passion: thinking.

Go somewhere you can be alone with your thoughts, like the mountains. Being surrounded by nature will help you see through your challenges and find logical solutions. One option is to camp at a national park during the off-season to avoid the crowds. Renting a cabin in the middle of the woods would also be a relaxing way for you get away. This article by Thought Catalog says the INTP personality is most likely to embark on a solitary road trip with no fixed destination. So, what are you waiting for?

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Extrovert – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving: You’re spontaneous and energetic, which makes you a fun person to be around! Your life motto is probably something along the lines of living in the moment so you never turn down an opportunity to enjoy material comforts and style. You’re too spontaneous to plan anything, so don’t. Just pick a time (hey, how about this weekend?), call up your partner in crime, and pack a bag!

Hit the road with your best friend for a last minute road trip! Make sure to pack a camera to capture everything you do together. No need to book a hotel yet, just let the journey unfold itself. Plus, you never know where the road might take you!

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