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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About B&Bs

Select Registry - December 5, 2017

A study by Airbnb found that Millennials prioritize travel above short-term goals like paying down debt and buying a home. We’ll leave the wisdom of that decision to you and your financial advisor: This is a judgment-free zone. The point is, you want to see the country (and the world) while you’re young. “Staycations” are overrated and your PTO days aren’t going to use themselves. Interesting destinations and authentic experiences help break the monotony of day-to-day life, so much that travel doesn’t feel like an option. It’s just what you do.

That brings us back to Airbnb: Technology and social media have made it easier than ever to optimize the cost and logistics of seeing the world your way, on your terms. But the result sometimes underwhelms. Lodging is less Instagram-able than advertised, hosts flake and offer little insider knowledge about what to do, see, eat and experience. At Select Registry, we’re thrilled to propose a back-to-basics alternative: When you book your next trip, consider an old-school B&B.

Defining Bed and Breakfasts

When you peruse booking engines like Expedia and Travelocity, you may see some B&Bs in addition to big-chain hotels and luxury resorts when you search a destination. In short, a B&B is a small property (always independently operated) where hands-on hosts provide lodging, guest services and a meal or two to discerning guests. Often they operate out of historic mansions, quaint homesteads and other converted buildings with loads of charm and curb appeal. Their brand identities, guest types and amenities vary from property to property but one thing is consistent: Hosts know their stuff.

Better Than Couch-Surfing

When you book an Airbnb, often you get the keys or access code—then you’re on your own. At a real B&B, staff are your round-the-clock hosts. They can make dining reservations, point you toward a great hiking trail nearby, and arrange on-site amenities offered at the property. Each morning, they prepare breakfasts that often highlight the character of their location: pimento cheese breakfast sandwiches in the Lowcountry, seafood benedicts in New England, or Southwestern huevos rancheros.

This doesn’t mean your B&B hosts will be helicopter concierges: Experienced independent property operators have a keen sense of how much attention and interaction guests need or expect. If you’re seeking a private, romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast, you’re certain to find it—particularly among the exquisite places in the Select Registry portfolio. Feel free to opt-in or opt-out of any community activities like hors d’oeuvres in the afternoon or even sleep through breakfast! This is your vacation to spend any way you choose.

What you’re guaranteed to find in an excellent B&B experience is a building and business with a story. Some old homes were built and maintained by titans of industry; Others have been operated as small hospitality businesses through the generations of a single family. These time-honored traditions—from architectural character to a cast of characters—bring B&Bs to life.

Fascinating Destinations

Oh, the places you’ll go! B&Bs can be found near the beach, on lakes, in thriving downtowns and in the desert. Whether you seek tranquil seclusion or an educational excursion, there’s a Select Registry bed and breakfast in striking distance. Outdoor adventurers can consult our portfolio of properties near natural wonders. Art lovers don’t want to miss these gems near cultural centers like Asheville, Portland and Savannah. Whether you intend to drive, fly or ride the train to your vacation spot, a B&B is waiting when you get there.

The beauty of this robust catalog is that travelers can find a destination for every occasion, any season of the year. At their best, B&Bs reflect the personality and energy of the cities and towns they call “home.” This gives guests the most authentic experience of those places as humanly possible—and much more than they’d find in a chain hotel or Airbnb.

Mind-Boggling Value

For the luxury, charm and amenities offered at a traditional B&B, you might expect to pay a steep price. Price points run the gamut from property to property and location to location, but you may be surprised by how competitive many keep their rates in comparison to generic chain hotels nearby. Depending on the season and availability, you may even find a steal! What’s more, many bed and breakfast operators dream up special packages and promotions that stack even more amenities like a free bottle of champagne, spa treatments, bike rentals and more. And don’t forget…breakfast is on the house.

Guests enjoy a more well-rounded experience at an incredible value—and Select Rewards members earn points to save on future travel!

Often, the exceptional customer service doesn’t end when you check out. When you join the Select Registry mailing list, like property pages on Facebook, or receive updates from the owners, return visits are strongly encouraged! When travelers find an B&B they love, it’s a place to return again and again.

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