New Hampshire Inns

New Hampshire Inns

Select Registry - December 15, 2011

Fall, in New Hampshire, is probably the most beautiful season to go sightseeing, and to enjoy the wonders of New England at its very best. From the western Monadnock Region to the eastern Atlantic coastline, and from the Canadian to the southern Massachusetts border, there is exceptional panoply of beauty and deliciousness. New England is host to so many elegant New Hampshire bed-and-breakfasts. Each one of them is a gem in itself. Add to that, the colorful foliage and the flavorful foods, and you can understand why New Hampshire virtually explodes with tourism each fall!

You could easily spend a good month touring the beauty and specialness that is uniquely New Hampshire in the fall, and many do! Locals as well as southern visitors are all anxious to see the foliage that bursts into vibrant colors in late September to late October. Tourists, hungry for the beauty of nature, also soon discover the tantalizing tastes that are bountiful in New Hampshire’s native foods and eateries.

From the south, you can easily travel up the middle of the state on route 93N. That long highway takes you all the way up into the beautiful White Mountains National Forest. That route is only a couple hours or so, but make sure you plan on several hours to enjoy the beauty. Even from a highway’s perspective, the scenery can still take your breath away! There are convenient stops along the way to stretch and enjoy the scenic vista. There are also side roads that branch off into small, quaint towns where the people are as friendly as neighbors.

If you prefer a slower route, you can follow the coastline up route 1N, which will eventually end up in Maine, or Down East, (a colloquialism for that area). Along the way, you’ll be enchanted by the uniqueness of the Atlantic coast environment. Some of the charming inns and bed & breakfasts along the way are within view of the glorious and wild Atlantic. That being a much smaller route, you can actually see all of New Hampshire’s scenic coastline, and still have a lot of time to venture into, and explore, the central part.

An alternate scenic route is route 293N from the southern border. Follow 293N right into the heart of New Hampshire. In Concord, the State Capital, you can pick up route 89N and take that less traveled route up to route 11E. Follow route 11E into the Lakes Region. There, you’ll discover lovely, stunning, blue waters, spectacular, colorful foliage, and rich epicurean delights.

No matter how you get there, once you get into the heart of New Hampshire, you’ll be very glad you made the trip! Remember to take plenty of camera film or several spare memory disks! You’ll want to bring some of that beauty home with you! You can be sure that smiles and warm memories will accompany you all the way home!

To facilitate your New Hampshire inn and bed-and-breakfast discovery tour, visit Select Registry and select the places you’ll want to make reservations at. There, you will find a veritable cornucopia of beautiful quaint and luxurious establishments to make your New Hampshire vacation all it should be!

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