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Mountain West Bed and Breakfasts & Inns

Travel to where each turn in the road brings another breath-taking view, pronghorn outnumber the people and a bugling elk serves as your alarm clock. Snow-capped peaks, stunning buttes, winding, untamed rivers and wild, forgotten spaces are waiting for you.


The Mountain West is best known for its wide-open spaces. Trails are undiscovered. Land is untouched by man. This is where rivers are named after snakes. It's where the spirit of the West is as untamed as the bison, elk, and bear that roam these parts. In much of the Mountain West, wildflowers dance in the summer wind and snow blankets the rugged terrain each winter. You’ll find hiking trails, crystal clear alpine lakes, stunning landscapes, and Rocky Mountain bed and breakfasts that provide easy access to all of it.


With the spectacular Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, you’ll find a number of fascinating activities and attractions that awaken your soul. Get lost in nature at one of the stunning national parks that surround the jagged, snow-capped peaks of the Rockies. Glide over fresh powder on skis or snowboard on some of the nation’s best slopes. Whitewater raft down energetic rapids or explore vibrant mountain towns full of art galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants. When you’re ready to relax, soak in soothing hot springs or simply relax by the fire at your cozy Rocky Mountain B&B.


Rocky Mountain cuisine is bursting with local flavors. Farm-to-table eateries utilize the herbs and plants that pop up in the mountainous meadows as soon as the last snow melts. Along with the freshest local greens, you’ll find grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, juicy berries, and a variety of mushrooms. If you’re craving seafood in the landlocked states, some restaurants are known for flying in daily fresh catch from the Pacific Ocean! In the Mountain West’s metropolitan areas, you can enjoy nearly every cuisine including Japanese, French, Thai, and Italian. Denver also offers a spicy dose of delicious Mexican cuisine, inspired by Colorado’s southern neighbors.


The Rocky Mountains are a year-round dream destination. Ski season in the Rockies runs from early winter to early spring, and you’ll find some of the best skiing and snowboarding locations in the country. You can enjoy numerous other winter activities beyond the slopes including dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, tubing, and snowshoeing. As the weather warms and snow melts, the valleys and meadows come alive with colorful flowers and greenery. Enjoy breathtaking hikes, exciting water activities, and fabulous climbing. Wherever you are, you’ll experience fresh mountain air that’s never too hot or humid.


Select Registry properties in the Mountain West are as special as the forest and wildlife that surround this part of the country. Stay in a luxurious lodge made of 200-year-old logs, a historic Victorian castle with antique charm, or a country ranch on the outskirts of a national park. Our Rocky Mountain bed and breakfasts offer everything from hiking trails along creeks and mountain streams to indulgent amenities such as relaxing spas and gazebo hot tubs. There’s the perfect place for everyone here, so take your pick and start planning your dream Rocky Mountain escape!

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