Midcoast Maine Migratory Bird Program – May 20 & 21

The Bradley Inn & Restaurant
3063 Bristol Road New Harbor
Maine 04554, USA
Valid Through: May 17 2020
Head shot of an Atlantic Puffin

Midcoast Maine is a mecca for avid birders, with the end of May being the time when all the migratory birds are making their way back for the summer, especially shorebirds which peak at the end of the month. Our location is perfect for early morning walks to the water or just strolling the grounds and neighborhood in search of sightings. In addition, the Alewives begin their journey up the local waterways from the ocean to their freshwater spawning grounds, attracting birds of prey. Plus, it’s fun to see the fish leaping out of the water working their way up the streams and fish ladders with the birds circling above.

The program covers multiple habitats from fresh and salt water marsh, meadow, forest, Great Salt Bay, coastal shoreline as well as a cruise out to see Puffins on Eastern Egg Rock Island.

Check in on May 19th to be on location for an early morning start on the 20th.  Includes a two hour guided tour of a Great Salt Bay property, a picnic breakfast, and a Puffin Cruise in the evening of May 20th. Also included is a guided walk around the peninsula on the morning of May 21st.  $135 person (cost of room not included)

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