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Weekend Getaways from San Francisco, CA

Life on the west coast is fun and exciting, especially in San Francisco! But sometimes, a spontaneous getaway outside of the city limits are exactly what you need to relax and leave your worries behind! Venture down the roads of Northern California and beyond, and discover the best Select Registry weekend getaways from San Francisco.

Plan a Weekend Getaway from San Francisco

California is the ultimate travel destination for people around the world. The state stretches along nearly the entire West Coast of the U.S. and offers varied experiences in cities, towns, and off-the-beaten-path destinations. San Francisco, in particular, is incredible. This lively city is filled with nearly 1 million residents, as well as travelers who come to experience its architecture, food, and famous trolley cars. But the city can get stressful for its residents, and when you need a break, the stunning shores of the Pacific Ocean and lush trees of the Redwood forests have their arms wide open, ready to welcome you! There are a multitude of top-notch locations available for your weekend getaway from San Francisco. All display sumptuous landscapes and show the amazing diversity the state offers within its borders. Wherever you go, you can feel the pioneer spirit roaming around you, gaze at jaw-dropping horizons, and connect with nature in a unique way; the California way! When you stay at our Select Registry properties you’ll experience that, and more!

Short Trips

Even though California is a big state, there are a number of stunning places to visit for your weekend getaway from San Francisco. In fact, some are less than two hours away! About an hour and 15 minutes from the city is the world renowned town of Napa, the ideal destination for a relaxing and gourmet getaway for two! Taste some of the most prestigious wines on the planet when driving from winery to winery in the gorgeous Napa Valley region (with the top-down, it’s even better!) If you drive a little over two hours north of San Francisco, you’ll step into the mysterious world of silent winds, heavy haze, and impressive black rocks. The towns of Mendocino is right along the Pacific Coast and offers the opportunity to get lost in nature while still enjoying all the comfort of modern amenities. Take long walks on the beach with your better half (or even better, go on a horseback riding tour), hike through the Redwood Forest, and come home to one of our Select Registry properties for some more relaxing!

Longer Excursions

If you are craving a real adventure, you can take a 5 ½-drive down to the warmer shores of Santa Barbara! This destination is the ultimate weekend getaway from San Francisco and made for adventurers. If you are up to it, the location makes every mile worth the effort. Enjoy the sun, glorious beaches, endless lines of palm trees, and the Southern California vibes!

Best Places to Stay

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a fun getaway with friends, Select Registry properties offer a one-of-a-kind experience. We provide luxurious and comfortable accommodations at various bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels in and around San Francisco! To make the most of your exciting and short vacation,  you deserve to relax with your loved ones in a beautiful setting. Browse our properties below and choose your favorite for your next weekend getaway from San Francisco!

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