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Amish Country, OH

Amish Country, Ohio, is perfect for a relaxing vacation or romantic getaway. Marvel at the natural landscapes, indulge in delicious homemade treats, and experience a fascinating culture for a truly memorable trip.


Did you know that Ohio has one of the largest Amish populations in the country? Holmes County and its surrounding area make up what is popularly referred to as Amish Country, home to thousands of Amish residents. Located in east-central Ohio, just two hours south of Cleveland, this area boasts a unique and fascinating culture. Here you will find largely preserved natural landscapes with thriving farmland, scenic Appalachian hills, and quaint villages featuring Victorian architecture. A bed and breakfast in Amish Country, Ohio, truly is a remarkable location for a relaxing, romantic getaway.


When you visit the Amish areas of Ohio, be ready to witness and engage in one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Upon arriving, you may feel like you have entered a time machine and traveled back to a simpler time, free from the stresses of your everyday life. Leave your worries at home and indulge in all that Amish Country, Ohio, has to offer. For more adventures outside of Holmes County, take a look at our picks for additional things to do in Ohio. Your activities here should include browsing the intricate crafts at various shops and antique stores throughout the area. Amish artisans are known for being very detailed and creating some of the highest quality furniture and goods. The products you will find are nothing short of impressive. If you are looking to learn more about the culture and lifestyle here, check out the various tours offered in the area. Remember to be cautious when driving to each destination and be on the lookout for horse-drawn carriages on roads!


Be sure to bring your appetite to try that famous Amish cooking! This cuisine is known for simple yet delicious home-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. When you get a chance, you absolutely must taste the exquisite wines, chocolates, and cheeses — traditional delicacies tracing back to their rich Swiss heritage. You can find examples of excellent culinary craftsmanship at various farmers markets, and even for your morning meal at bed and breakfasts in Amish Country, Ohio.


Ohio is known for its range of climates throughout the year, and each is absolutely beautiful. If you are looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside, we recommend a visit during fall, when the leaves turn magnificent colors. Or, plan a trip in the spring when nature is blooming. No matter which time of year you decide to visit, you can find yourself surrounded by extraordinary scenery for a charming vacation experience.


Don’t interrupt the unique atmosphere you experience in Amish Country by staying in a regular hotel. Immerse yourself in the environment at one of the many bed and breakfasts in quaint towns such as Millersburg, Sugarcreek, Walnut Creek, and Berlin. Choose from different styles to complement your preferences, from Victorian townhomes to rustic cabins and cottages. Whatever you are looking for, Select Registry has a list of the best lodging options for your stay in Amish Country and throughout the entire state of Ohio.

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