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11 Famous Places You’ve Seen on TV

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Have you ever dreamt of being on TV or in a movie? There’s something thrilling about the limelight. While most people only dream about their 15 seconds of fame, a small few actually get it! Many Select Registry bed and breakfasts, inns, and small boutique hotels are among the lucky few that have landed a spot on screen. If you’d like to stay somewhere that’s soaked up some limelight, consider planning a trip to one of these famous places!


Here’s 11 famous places you’ve seen on TV or in a movie.


1. Walk on the floors from Dirty Dancing.

Where: The Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant in Chimney Rock, North Carolina

No one can forget the last steamy dance scene in the massive box office hit, Dirty Dancing! It’s the climax of the movie and that famous scene where Patrick Swayze picks up Jennifer Grey while The Time of My Life plays in the background.

Dirty Dancing was filmed in Lake Lure, North Carolina. After filming wrapped, the floor built for the last scene’s set was donated to the Esmeralda Inn! Today, you can find it in the inn’s lobby!


The Esmeralda



2. Vacation where Vacation (2015) was filmed.


Where: The Shellmont Inn in Atlanta, Georgia

Starring Chevy Chase, Christina Applegate, Ed Helms, Beverly D’Angelo, and Chris Hemsworth, the hilarious movie Vacation aired in theaters in late July of 2015! If you’re familiar with the past National Lampoon’s Vacation films, you remember Clark Griswold taking his family on a cross-country road trip to Wally World. In the newest Vacation film, Rusty Griswold, Clark’s son, tries to recreate his cherished childhood memory with his own family!

This was the largest movie production to take place at the Shellmont Inn; there were 180 people on site during filming!


The Shellmont Inn


3. Travel Through History On The Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel


Where: The Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel in Taneytown, Maryland

The Discovery Channel brought the story of how Thomas Edison’s relationship with Nikola Tesla turned sour to the Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel. The episode was filmed as part of American Titans, a popular series that details the major events in the lives of American’s greatest men: Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison, Tesla, Hearst, and Pulitzer!

The story is set in 1884, which makes the hotel the perfect setting because it was also built in the 1800s. Much of the original outbuildings of the home are still intact today! Places on the property like the Carriage House, the Ice house, the Post House, the Summer Kitchen, the Brick Kitchen, the Overseer’s Wing, and a few other buildings date back to its beginning.

If you skip to 50 seconds into the video, you can see the hotel’s award-winning wine cellar!


The Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel


The Antrim 1844 was also used in another American Titans episode: Differences Arise Between Rockefeller and Scott. All in all, filming took two full days. During that time, producers transformed some of the hotel’s fondest places like its formal gardens, drawing rooms, restaurant, and wine cellar into the backdrop for some of the most important moments in American history!



4. Experience One Of The Historic Inns Of Maine.

Historic Inns of Maine


Where: The Manor House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine

In 1947, a devastating fire destroyed 67 of the historic homes in Bar Harbor. Luckily, the Manor House Inn Bed and Breakfast was among the few homes that survived! This video was produced by the town’s local historical society.

Several things attracted reporter John Krinjak to the bed and breakfast. The obvious history was a selling point, but also the local knowledge possessed by its owners, Stacey and Ken Smith. Ken has lived on the island since his childhood so he knows the history well!


Manor House Inn Bed and Breakfast


Filming was surprisingly short. The Smiths received a call from Krinjak early one morning and the segment was filmed later that afternoon! A small crew of two showed up to film while guests were staying at the Manor House Inn. The guests apparently enjoyed watching the comedy that ensued during the mic wiring process and filming outside while Stacey fought to maintain her modesty despite the strong wind!

5. Become A Georgia Traveler in Sautee Nacoochee.


Where: Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn and Spa in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia

Perhaps it was its stunning vistas that earned Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn a spot on Georgia Traveler. There’s no doubt the 360-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and valley will take your breath away! When its original owner, Lucille, discovered the property, she just knew it was the place for her architect husband to build their home.

You could say the same thing happened when the producers of the show, Georgia Traveler, spotted the inn. Once they drove up the long driveway and took in its grandeur and  incredible scenery, they just knew they had to feature it!


Lucille's Mountaintop Inn and Spa


While you can escape the city when you visit Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn, you won’t be able to escape the extensive mountain views or the abundance of natural beauty. These two attributes are what made the place so special to Lucille. Today, guests are still awed by the colorful gardens and the sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains!


6. Relive A Cindy Crawford Commercial.

A Cindy Crawford Commercial


Where: The Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Covington, Georgia

The Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast is no stranger to film crews and celebrities. The bed and breakfast has served as the backdrop for popular movies like Vacation (2015) and hit TV shows like the Vampire Diaries. Perhaps, one of its most exciting features is in this Cindy Crawford commercial for her home collection with Rooms To Go!

This was the first time the Twelve Oaks allowed filming onsite! In total, the project took three days: one day to prep, another to shoot, and the last to clean up. It’s not surprising how much filming has taken place here because the bed and breakfast is well known by the Georgia Film Commission. Before it was the Twelve Oaks, it was used for several movies. Today, it is listed on the GFC’s website, which is used by scouts seeking locations for various filming projects!


The Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast


As for Cindy Crawford, she is a sweetheart! Above is a photo of her and Nicole Greer, the owner of Twelve Oaks. Crawford is very tall; she thoughtfully took off her heels for the picture and still managed to surpass Greer, who wore heels at the time!



7. Follow The Fowl Life.

The Fowl Life


Where: The Great Oak Manor in Chestertown, Maryland

Recently, filming for an upcoming episode of the Fowl Life took place at the Great Oak Manor! You can watch the show on the Outdoor Channel when the season starts again in the Fall. The Great Oak Manor is a natural choice for the crew to settle for several reasons. First, the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a popular area for waterfowl hunting! If you’ve ever watched the show, you know filming hunting scenes is its primary purpose.

Another reason was its close proximity to local hunting spots. The crew had to get up very early each morning so staying somewhere close was crucial. The Great Oak Manor, one of the best bed and breakfasts in Chestertown, is only a short drive away, which makes it the perfect place for hunting groups!


The Great Oak Manor


Formally an upscale sportsman’s lodge, the Great Oak Manor used to be known as the Great Oak Farm and Lodge. It featured a wide variety of recreational offerings like an 18 hole golf course, a 4-star restaurant and lounge, horses, a private airport, and more! It even had duck and goose blinds for hunting! Considering its history and location, it’s no surprise the Great Oak Manor is still a place where hunters love to take refuge after a long day!



8. Get Pampered At A Price Is Right Prize.

The Price Is Right Photo by PMC TV Line


Where: The Bloomsbury Inn in Camden, South Carolina

If you’ve ever wished you were the one winning the prize, here’s your chance to experience a Price Is Right package! Set to air on March 21, 2016, the episode features a special package from the Bloomsbury Inn.

The lucky winner will enjoy a 5-night stay with a gourmet breakfast each morning and an afternoon social every day with wine, tea, and light hors d’oeurves! In addition to champagne upon arrival, the winners will also get two signature bathrobes and several gift certificates to local restaurants and stores.


Bloomsbury Inn


Bloomsbury Inn is an award-winning bed and breakfast located in the heart of Camden’s historic district. The property won TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015! It also ranked #12 in the top 20 inns and bed and breakfasts of about 17,000 properties in the United States.



9. Feel Right At Home On HGTV.

Island Hunters


Where: The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island in Georgia

In the ninth episode of season one, newlyweds Rachel and Jeff are dreaming of an anniversary vacation on a private island. The couple lives in Boston, Massachusetts, so anything down south is ideal. Their search for a quiet beach getaway led them to the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island!

Over the course of three days, the episode was filmed. Despite minor inconveniences of shooting, the project was well worth the time and effort it took. HGTV still airs the episode from time to time and the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island still receives inquiries and reservations from the exposure!


The Lodge on Little St


Guests staying during filming were intrigued by the project. However, the filming was done strategically so as not to bother anyone! Privacy is what the lodge is all about. Upon arrival, guests are whisked away by a private boat to reach the island and no more than 32 overnight guests are allowed at one time. Little St. Simons Island also has 7 miles of private beaches and 10,000 acres of undeveloped wilderness for exploration and relaxation!



10. See What It’s Like To Run A Savannah B&B On Georgia Traveler.

Azalea Inn


Where: The Azalea Inn and Villas in Savannah, Georgia

Running a top-notch bed and breakfast is no easy feat! Reporter Christine Van Blockland from Georgia Traveler found this out firsthand when she spent a day assisting with the operations at Savannah’s jewel, the Azalea Inn and Villas.

The request to film came after owner Teresa Jacobson impressed another reporter with her wit during an interview for another show! At the time, she boldly requested they feature her bed and breakfast and her wish was later granted. Filming for the segment was an all day affair, which meant both Jacobson and head chef Shannon were extra busy exceeding their guests’ expectations and hosting a small camera crew.


Azalea Inn and Villas


The day began at 5:00 am, with Blockland helping Jacobson and Shannon prepare and serve breakfast. After breakfast, it was time to head to Jacobson’s office to answer phone calls and go over her highly organized calendar! Next stop was housekeeping, where Blockland received a few lessons from Miss Betty, the head housekeeper. A true Savannah character, Miss Betty is the B&B’s very own “box of chocolates” because you never know what you’re going to get.

If you’re interested in starting a bed and breakfast, this segment is a realistic portrayal of the amount of organization, hard work, and dedication required to craft a truly charming and personalized experience for your guests!

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11. Road Trip To The Perfect Maine Lakeside B&B.


Where: The Wolf Cove Inn in Poland, Maine

Featured on the WGME Daybreak Road Trippin’ segment shortly after it opened, the Wolf Cove Inn lives up to the segment’s name, The Perfect Maine Lakeside B&B. With spectacular views, the inn offers guests a way to connect to the natural surroundings. Inside, you’ll find reflections of nature along with all of the makings of a home away from home!

This was the first time the inn had ever been featured on TV! Its current owners, Sue and Roy Forsberg, bought the property in December of 2013 and began a 5-month renovation project. The Wolf Cove Inn celebrated its grand reopening on May 15, 2015. Several days later, filming took place on May 22nd!


The Wolf Cove Inn


The two crew members, Dave Edes and the cameraman, were able to complete filming in half a day. The guy you see on camera is Edes, who is the journalist for the Road Trippin’ segment of the WGME Daybreak show and the station’s sportscaster! Considering the natural beauty of the inn coupled with its homey feel and luxurious amenities, it’s no surprise the Wolf Cove Inn earned a spot on the segment.



Have you seen any of these famous places on TV or in the movies? Which one do you want to visit first?