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12 of The Best Bucket List Places To Visit In The US

Select Registry - August 28, 2018

We all get lost in the ebb and flow of life. Between mundane work weeks, challenging decisions, and significant life changes, it’s easy to lose track of yourself and your dreams. Now is the perfect time to finally start crossing off the items on your bucket list of places to visit. Rediscover your love of travel adventures. Start with a scenic road trip spotting lighthouses in Maine, stop through Yellowstone National Park, cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway, and make your way to a jazz lounge in New Orleans. Encounter endless natural wonders that inspire you with a grand gesture of revitalization. With just one life to live, it’s up to you to make the most of it. What’s on your bucket list?


1. Grab An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak

After shooting hoops at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s basketball court, do yourself (and your taste buds) a favor and grab an authentic Philly cheesesteak. The combination of perfectly-seasoned steak and creamy, melted cheese packed into a toasted hoagie roll serves as Philadelphia’s marker of culinary excellence.

2. Admire Legendary Works of Art At The Met

No bucket list is complete without mention of New York City. When in the Big Apple, you have to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From works of legendary painters to impressive, antique statues, you could spend hours pondering the deeper meanings behind the works on display.

Where To Stay:

Caldwell House Bed & Breakfast: Avoid big-city chaos and stay at this beautiful b&b in rural New York. Relax on the wrap-around porch and take in the breathtaking views of Moodna Creek.

3. Descend Into The Luray Caverns In The Shenandoah Valley

Discover what lies beneath the Shenandoah Valley in the Luray Caverns of Virginia. Admire the adornments of stalagmites, flowstone, mirrored pools, and draping crystals. Step into what feels like a dream and stroll through this magical experience.


4. Hike Through The Garden of The Gods In Colorado

Discover for yourself why this remarkable collection of rock formations in Colorado earned the name “Garden of the Gods.” With over 15 miles of trails to traverse, this hiker’s paradise sets the scene for your next dream vacation.

5. Climb To The Highest Peak In Grand Teton National Park

Diverse landscapes, majestic mountaintops, and ethereal forests greet you with the fresh air that can only be found in Yellowstone National Park. Challenge your endurance when you climb to the highest peak in Grand Teton National Park and make all of your friends jealous with stunning photos of this breathtaking location.



6. Spot Every Lighthouse In Maine

Plan a road trip around spotting all of the scenic lighthouses in Maine. From York and Cape Elizabeth to Freeport and Bristol, watch as sunsets and cloud formations paint picturesque backdrops for these mesmerizing fixtures along the rocky, Northeastern coast. Bonus points if you make the trip in the fall to see the leaves changing colors.

Where To Stay:

Ullikana: This fairytale-worthy cottage sits on the coast of Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor. Watch ships come and go from the breakfast patio and cozy up by the fireplace after a long day cruising through Maine.


7. Spend An Entire Day Hiking Big Sur

Nothing compares to seeing a mountainous landscape alongside a roaring, turquoise ocean. While you’re cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway, dedicate an entire day to exploring and hiking Big Sur. Enter a forest of dwarf redwoods, dip your toes into the chilly waves as they climb the beach, and soak up the California sun.

8. Sip Wine In Willamette Valley

For a unique take on a wine country experience, tour Oregon’s Willamette Valley and taste the best Pinot noirs on the West Coast. Enjoy the calming fresh air and admire the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you all while raising a toast to this dreamy vacation experience.

Where To Stay:

Youngberg Hill: Stay in Oregon Wine Country that sits atop a 50-acre hill blanketed with organic vineyards. This refreshing retreat from reality gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in the finer things that life has to offer.



9. Listen To Jazz In The French Quarter

Attend a jazz performance where the genre originated, in New Orleans. Listen and let the music fill you to the bone with brassy sentiments and romantic rhythms. Appreciate the ways in which musicians manipulate sound to create complex melodies that you can swing your hips to.

10. Drive Through The Blue Ridge Mountains and Traverse The Appalachian Trail

Embark on a road trip that takes you through the Blue Ridge Mountains and grants ample access to numerous sections of the Appalachian Trail. Striking panoramas feature strokes of tinted copper, rusted reds, and bright yellows that sprinkle from blue skies in the fall. There’s truly nothing like it.

Where To Stay:

Gideon Ridge Inn: Rest your head in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains at this charming cabin in Blowing Rock, NC. Step through regal, French doors and enter a realm of revitalization and relaxation.



11. Immerse Yourself In An Unparalleled Art Experience At Meow Wolf

There’s more to Santa Fe than Mexican food and margaritas, though we strongly encourage you to try the authentic cuisine while you’re here. Watch as a non-linear story unfolds when you enter Meow Wolf and peruse unique works of art and interact with this definitive, 21st-Century art gallery.

Where To Stay:

Four Kachinas Inn: Revel in the comforting aura of this masterful blend of Southwestern architecture, regional artwork, and locally-crafted furnishings.

12. Stay In A Select Registry Property

While you’re busy crossing off items on your bucket list of places to visit, stay in the most coveted accommodations throughout the country. From lodges and luxury cabins to mansions and manors, you can expect to encounter outstanding service and spectacular views at each of our properties.

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