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Select Registry - August 23, 2011

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You are in love and marriage is in the air. You want to celebrate the joy of the moment when you make your vows, but the idea of a large wedding just does not seem right for you.

Eloping in the Olden Days

Long ago, eloping implied a woman running away from home to marry her lover. Against the wishes of her family, the term was pejorative, derived from German word “entlaufen,” to run away. An interpretation from Old English was that of romantic theft, or stealing away to marry the man (or scoundrel, heaven forbid!) of one’s dreams.

Old Fashioned Implications

Later eloping constituted an impulse marriage, perhaps based on little information regarding your mate, but certainly with all the requisite adventure to inject the deed with even greater romance. Today eloping still implies a type of escape, but by no means a necessarily clandestine one.

Eloping Today: Romantic and Practical

Elopement will always resonate with a certain romantic sensation, but these days it also rings of the practical decision to avoid the increasing costs of a traditional wedding ceremony and its requisite celebrations. The beauty of eloping is also appealing in that it comes with a natural implication of an included honeymoon.

An Intimate Setting

With all of these considerations, many couples are choosing to elope, often including family members along with close friends. Celebrating the moment in an intimate setting without the hullabaloo of a big to-do can often be more meaningful as you deepen your bonds far away from it all.

The Privacy of Romance

There are an amazing amount of luxury bed and breakfast inns dotted all over the country that cater to couples seeking an intimate location for a private wedding. With luxury accommodations, experienced innkeepers, and the chance to enjoy the privacy of romance, here are just a few examples of what you can expect from an all-inclusive elopement package:

West Hill House Bed and Breakfast

If a location further north fits your taste, book your elopement package at the award-winning West Hill House Bed and Breakfast in Warren, Vermont. This 1850’s home in the Mad River Valley is situated on a hill deep in the countryside and features beautifully manicured perennial gardens and beckoning virgin forests.

Whatever season you choose, you will find the setting designed to soothe and relax your soul. Bonding in this romantic spot so far from the roar of cities will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

The expert innkeepers claim that this magnificent inn provides the best of British and Canadian hospitality to its guests, and you only have to enter to feel the European sense of aesthetics. Every room is a treasure, with memory-foam queen or king size beds, a Jacuzzi tub for two, steam shower, and personal concierge service.

You will arrive to find six red roses, a bottle of chilled champagne, and sinfully sumptuous Lake Champlain chocolates to nibble on as you unwind. In the morning coffee or tea will be delivered to your room to help you start your day.

Just minutes from interesting shops and gourmet restaurants, the inn is only one mile from Sugarbush skiing and golf activities. And with a vast countryside to explore, you can get lost just wandering and exploring the beautiful scenery that awaits you.

Perfect Celebrations in Select Lodgings

No matter where you decide to elope to, there is a bed and breakfast designed just for you. Add to your lodgings a non-denominational or religious ceremony to cement your vows, along with a commemorative celebration, and you will have the experience of an all-in-one wedding and honeymoon with a value infinitely more precious than diamonds.

For more information on select lodgings across North America, please visit:

If you have any questions or looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you.

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