Kayak on these crystal clear waters in Glacier National Park This Summer

Plan Your Trip to Glacier National Park This Summer

Select Registry - May 6, 2021

Adventure Awaits in Montana!

Wildflowers and Mountains are just part of what awaits in Glacier National Park This Summer

Over the past year, travel trends have included a wonderful variety of outdoor adventures, small towns, and smaller properties like Bed and Breakfasts.  We expect that trend to continue throughout the summer and fall, which means places like Glacier National Park in Montana should be at the top of your list!

The state of Montana is beloved for its diverse landscapes, vast wilderness, and virtually endless possibilities for adventure.  One of the top places to visit in the state is, of course, Glacier National Park.  It’s one of the most naturally beautiful National Parks in the country, featuring a variety of snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, and hiking trails that help you explore it all. 

Glacier National Park is located just outside the town of Whitefish Montana, which is a resort town nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a wonderful town to explore in its own right but is considered the gateway to the National Park. This summer, let the mountains of Montana be your guide to adventure. Book your room at our Select Registry Bed and Breakfast in Whitefish before it’s too late!

See goats and other wildlife in Glacier National Park this summer

Things to do in Glacier National Park

The parklands of Glacier National Park are nothing short of pristine, home to a wide variety of plant and animal life.  There are more than 700 miles of hiking trails alone throughout the park, but it’s also a great place to do some biking, fishing, boating, and even swimming.

Whether you just have a day to take in the major sights along the Going to the Sun Road, or you have multiple days to get out for some hiking and exploration, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Glacier National Park. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, your visit to Glacier National Park this summer will be different. For instance, the park is doing its best to limit crowds in this always-popular destination, so timed entry tickets for popular attractions, like the Going to the Sun Road, are required. 

To help you get started planning your adventure this summer, we’ve compiled a list of the top “must-see” attractions in Glacier National Park.  Below, you’ll find even more of our recommendations for things to do in Whitefish while you’re there.  One thing is for sure. Whatever it is you do in Montana this summer, we know you’ll leave inspired by this incredible place. 

  1. The most popular attraction in Glacier National Park is the stunning Going to the Sun Road. It’s a scenic drive that takes you into the heart of the park, offering a variety of adventure stops along the way. The 50-mile drive was completed in 1932, and it takes you across the Continental Divide at the 6,646-foot elevation of Logan Pass.
  2. While the scenic viewpoints along the Going to the Sun Road are spectacular on their own, to truly gain an appreciation for this park, you’ll want to get out and explore on foot. With more than 700 hiking trails at your disposal, you’ll have plenty of great hikes to choose from.  Here’s a list of 10 of the best hikes in the park.
  3. Like hiking, there are plenty of places to enjoy a bit of biking on the roads throughout the parks.  Bikes are largely prohibited from the trails. 
  4. Getting out on the water is another beautiful way to appreciate the park’s ecosystems. Boating is open from May – November, but this schedule may be impacted during the 2021 summer season. 
  5. Western Montana is a dream fishing destination, both in the park and beyond. No fishing license is required to fish in Glacier National Park, and the season runs from May through November.  You can read more about where you can fish and other regulations here
  6. If you really want to get out into the backcountry of Glacier National Park, there are plenty of extended hikes and backcountry experiences to be had. The park does extensive wilderness management to allow for these experiences.
  7. Are you a photographer?  You’ll have plenty of incredible views to take pictures of, and probably some local wildlife, too.  But if you’re looking to really capture some dramatic photos, the park has a guide for places photographers should visit.

Though the summer of 2021 will be different and not include things like ranger-led talks, there are usually a variety of these programs in the park, along with a number of tours designed to help you learn more about this protected wilderness area. 

Explore the vast wilderness and take in these mountain views in Glacier National Park This summer

More to do in Whitefish Montana

The opportunity to visit the incredible Glacier National Park is what brings a lot of visitors to the town of Whitefish.  And though Glacier National Park is certainly extraordinary and at the top of our list of things to do in the area, there’s more to this part of Montana worth seeing and experiencing!

Here are a few of our top things to do in the Whitefish area, other than the park:

  1. Head to Whitefish Mountain Resort for a bit of fun and adventure on their aerial course, or their mountain coaster! There’s also some treating mountain biking here, and of course some extraordinary skiing in the winter. 
  2. The craft beer scene in Montana is top-notch. In fact, Montana is #2 when it comes to states with the most breweries per capita (behind only Vermont). In Whitefish, you’ll find the Bonsai Brewing Project. Though not beer, another great place to stop in is Spotted Bear Spirits
  3. If you planned to bike through Glacier National Park, then you’ll be thrilled to know there are even more great places for bicycle touring in and around Whitefish.
  4. Likewise, there are an incredible variety of hiking trails in the Whitefish area. The Whitefish Trail is a popular local choice. 
  5. Downtown Whitefish is filled with charming shops and restaurants and is a wonderful place to spend a day browsing.
  6. Get out on the lake for some fishing or boating fun.  

Of course, any great trip to Whitefish and Glacier National Park should involve the best accommodations.  You’ll find that at our Select Registry Bed and Breakfasts, where the focus is always on having an authentic experience with attentive and welcoming hospitality.  Your adventures are waiting this summer – book your getaway to Glacier National Park now!

Lodging Near Glacier National Park

Good Medicine Lodge

Good Medicine Lodge stands alone as the only Select Registry property in Montana – and what a gem it is! Good Medicine Lodge is located in Whitefish Montana and only 36 miles from Glacier National Park.

This spacious nine-room Inn features rustic northwestern Montana design, combined with sophisticated native inspired art. The authentic tone throughout reflects a genuine sense of place. Gourmet breakfasts with homemade bread, granola, and pastries are served each morning, utilizing locally sourced foods and dark roasted coffee. Homemade cookies and appetizer hour are provided daily. Each room features luxurious amenities made locally, offering our guests a truly genuine experience.

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