Why are the Ladew Topiary Gardens So Famous?

Select Registry - June 8, 2016

For over 40 years, the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland have wowed visitors with its unique beauty and charm. Often compared to the Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, Maryland, the Ladew Topiary Gardens are smaller but still, just as special to locals and sought out by tourists.


So, why are the Ladew Topiary Gardens so famous?

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History of Ladew Topiary Gardens

In the 1930s, Harvey Ladew established the famous Ladew Topiary Gardens on a portion of the 250-acre farm he purchased in 1929. Harvey Ladew, a well-known socialite and huntsman, used his travels to England to influence the design of the gardens.

During his time in England, Harvey Ladew enjoyed fox hunting which led him to Maryland’s countryside, another popular area for hunting. His passion for hunting is evident throughout his home and the grounds.

Today, you can visit the Ladew Topiary Gardens anytime between April and October. The gardens are made up of 22 beautiful acres with a historic Manor House, a Butterfly House, and a nature walk.

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Ladew Topiary Gardens and House

The historic Manor House is a living legacy of Harvey Ladew’s life. During his time in residence, he transformed the home from a rustic farmhouse to the elegant estate it is today. He added the Oval Library, one of the home’s most famous rooms, when he discovered his Chippendale partners’ desk could not fit in his current office or drawing room. Harvey Ladew also transformed the farmhouse’s kitchen into the elegant dining room it is today.

The gardens are another point of wonder for many visitors. Harvey Ladew did all of the landscaping himself when he first bought the farm. Today, there are over 100 topiaries on the property. The gardens also feature 15 garden rooms, a popular trend in Europe during his time, where one entire room is dedicated to a single color, plant, or theme.

From June to October, you can visit the Butterfly House at the Ladew Topiary Gardens, the first of its kind in the region. Here, you’ll learn all about the habitat and life cycle of local butterflies with a chance to get up close to these extraordinary creatures.

If you’d like to see something a bit more rustic, consider venturing down the Nature Walk. This walk was opened in 1999 as a tribute to the uncultivated Maryland countryside that first attracted Harvey Ladew to the area.


Ladew Topiary Garden Weddings

With 250 green acres, 22 of which are formal gardens, the Ladew Topiary Gardens make a magical setting for weddings. Included in the package is the opportunity to take your wedding portraits throughout the manicured gardens.

Couples can say their vows in either the Portico Gardens or next to the Meadow. After the ceremony, the reception will take place in the charming Café Courtyard.


Ladew Topiary Garden Concerts

During the warmer months, the Ladew Topiary Gardens host a Summer Concert Series. The concerts take place on Sundays in the garden from 6-8 pm. From Caribbean steel drums to soulful rock and roll, you’ll hear just about every kind of music you love at the Ladew Topiary Garden concerts.

Just A Day Trip Away From The Ladew Topiary Gardens

If you don’t mind the drive, you can always stay in one of the outlying cities in Maryland and make a day trip to see the beautiful gardens.

Just under two hours is the romantic Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn in Chestertown, Maryland. Offering guests 13 rooms, this award-winning Maryland bed and breakfast marries the elegance of a 19th-century country estate with modern luxurious and comforts. Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn is widely known for its exceptional a la carte breakfast, cooked with love each morning by Danielle, a proud member of the Eight Broads in the Kitchen.

About two hours away is the Inn at Huntingfield Creek in Rock Hall, Maryland. The inn is located right outside of the widely known fishing village on the scenic Maryland Eastern shore. It offers guests 5 inn rooms and 7 private cottages along with peaceful gardens to explore, a relaxing waterfront dock to catch a sunset, and incredible country breakfasts to start each morning of your stay.

Three hours from the Ladew Topiary Gardens is the rustic Savage River Lodge in Frostburg, Maryland. If you’re looking for plenty of outdoor opportunities, consider booking a stay in one of the lodge’s 18 rustic luxury cabins or its 8 glamorous camping yurts. The lodge itself is located on 700 acres of the Savage River State Forest, so there’s no shortage of natural beauty, tranquility, and outdoor fun.


Photo credit: Fox17 / Adobe Image

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