Nova Star Cruises: From Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia

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If you’ve ever wanted to add a sea journey to your travel itinerary, then Nova Star Cruises are an amazing opportunity for you! Cruise on a luxurious ship departing from Portland, Maine to the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia. These 10 hour journeys across the Gulf of Maine offer great opportunities for dining, entertainment, and of course taking in the beauty of the waters surrounding you. Nova Star Cruises are an amazing and unique way to see New England and Nova Scotia!   You can start your trip with a stay at one of  the many Select Registry properties in Maine  before you board the Nova Star in Portland. The great thing about Nova Star Cruises is that you can drive your car or motorcycle aboard, so if you want to do some exploring on either side of the Gulf of Maine, you don’t have to rely on cabs or a rental, although those options are always available.   Here’s what you can expect during your voyage with Nova Star Cruises:


On board Nova Star Cruises, there are 6 options for dining that range from upscale to very casual.  The menus of each of the restaurants on board feature seafood and other ingredients from New England and Nova Scotia, so you can get a taste of the region while in transit.  Whether you want to choose your dishes from a large buffet, have a sandwich, or sit down to a decadent dinner, you’ll surely find something tasty aboard the Nova Star.


Along with the great dining options mentioned above, Nova Star Cruises provide great onboard entertainment.  There is a casino with lots of gaming options, a conference center that accommodates nightly dancing and movie screenings, a full-service spa, a retail store, and an area especially for children.  So on Nova Star Cruises, as you do necessary traveling, you can shop, get pampered, or take in some entertainment instead of just sitting around waiting.


Because the journey across the Gulf of Maine is a lengthy 10 hours, you may want to get some shuteye during your voyage.There are a number of different cabin types to choose from, to the most luxurious to the basic necessities.  Or if you’d rather not book a cabin, there are assigned seats with comfortable reclining chairs as well that let passengers sleep during overnight journeys. Either way, the luxury of traveling with Nova Star Cruises is that you can rest up for the adventures ahead while traveling.   When you arrive in Nova Scotia on Nova Star Cruises, you should complete your experience that with a few days stay at the Select Registry member inn in the area.  Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia is near the Acadian Shores in Kemptville.  The Lodge is located just 40 minute from Yarmouth where Nova Star Cruises arrive and depart from each day. Trout Point Lodge is a 5-Star inn with amazing accommodations with breathtaking views and delicious cuisine.  It’s definitely a must to stay here while in Nova Scotia, and you know you’ll get the benefits of the Select Registry difference!