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Road Trips

Contrary to what the strict side of your conscience may tell you, there is never an excuse for not taking a needed vacation, even if only for a weekend. Getting away from it all should be a right, not a luxury, and with the many magnificent getaway retreats in Ohio, you’ll be ready to pack your bags in no time!

Breathing in nature, no matter what the season, helps us gather and maintain energy for all the quotidian things we have
Taking Time to Recharge do back home. Working, raising kids, managing a home, navigating bills and city streets, and nagging phone calls, texts, and emails… it’s much easier to cope when you take the time to retreat with a loved one or friends.

Kick Back and Take It All In

Ohio offers some of the most exquisite settings for doing nothing more than appreciating the surroundings. Enjoying a luxury hotel in the midst of meadows, forests, lakes, and mountains requires little else than kicking back and taking it all in.

Recharge Your Battery

You deserve a break from the routine! Taking a holiday means more productivity later as you recharge your battery and rekindle your connection to what is really important in life… peace of mind.

Enjoy the Essence of Hospitality

Here are a few places to find your center again, basking in the calming vistas and being pampered by professional innkeepers who understand the essence of hospitality:

Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast

This award-winning outpost of tranquility in Dellroy, Ohio is only 90 minutes south of Cleveland, 90 minutes west of Pittsburgh, and 120 minutes east of Columbus. You didn’t realize that heaven could be this close! From the moment you guide your car up the driveway lined with white pines and head over the bridge that spans sparkling streams glistening in the sunlight, you’ll feel secure that you’ve made the perfect choice. Perched on the magnificent Atwood Lake, you will feel all your cares melting away as you take in the tranquil view. With 28 miles of shoreline, the lake is an ideal place for long strolls, picnics, and many available water activities.

Listed as one of the “Top 10 Romantic Inns” and the “Top 10 Coziest” in the United States, Whispering Pines offers rolling hills, lush fields of wheat and wild flowers, and other exquisite backdrops for a stay that will re-energize the soul. With nine guest rooms equipped with whirlpool tubs for two, all season fireplaces, and private balconies, you will revel in the many upscale amenities along with antique appointments that give your lodgings an old world feel. Attention to detail is ever-present, and it is this personal touch, along with the outstanding hospitality, that will make your stay feel all the more precious. Have a leisurely breakfast in the sun room overlooking the lake, dip into the cookie jar for the famous chocolate chip delicacies that never seem to diminish, sip an afternoon tea, and watch the birds as they descend on the feeders, singing and boasting their colors. Treat yourself to a Swedish body massage in the comfort of your room, snuggle up in winter or bask in the outdoors in summertime. Whatever you choose, you will find that your internal clock will slow as you acclimate to nature’s pace.

Murphin Ridge Inn

Murphin Ridge Inn located in West Union, Ohio, is the perfect spot for a unique holiday in old world Amish country. Chosen by National Geographic Traveler as one of the top 54 inns in the United States and earning a coveted position on National Geographic’s Geotourism MapGuide, this prize-winning inn is ideal for a romantic getaway, family reunion, or business retreat. Situated on 142 acres of sheer, unadulterated beauty, the inn boasts a guesthouse with spacious rooms that invite you to appreciate the meaning of laziness. Put your feet up on the porch railing as you settle into a rocking chair to gaze at the mountains. Take a nap, feeling the fresh, clean air wafting over you as you dream, and then awaken to meander over the gentle terrain, discovering waterfalls as you follow the walking trails designed for exploration. An inn for all seasons, spring will bring the migratory songbirds back from their winter vacations along with newly formed flowers reaching up to greet the sun.

Summer yields sumptuous fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the garden straight to the dinner table, along with ice-cold lemonade for your mid-day break. With its breathtaking colors, autumn’s magic is in the vast groves of sugar maples and oaks. Hiking is at its best with a return to the fire pit once evening settles in to gaze at the night sky as you breath in the crisp air and go over the lovely events of the day. In winter there is a calm that sets over the land. Walk through freshly fallen snow, and return to warm your nose and feet as you sip hot homemade cider before retiring to the comfort of a welcoming mattress and enveloping covers. With all of its quiet charm, Murphin Ridge Inn is the perfect place to have your holiday party.

The farmhouse, built in 1828, offers four dining rooms with their original fireplaces, along with a gift shop for selecting gifts for those left behind. In addition to the main house, there are nine cabins complete with fireplaces, whirlpools for two, and more. Decorated with David T. Smith Early American and Shaker reproduction furniture, they provide a romantic setting for a sensuous weekend with the one you love. Known for its delicious cuisine, meals feature fresh produce from the inn’s own gardens, as well as neighboring farms. Eating well, sleeping deeply, breathing pure oxygen, and exploring the Appalachian foothills are what you can expect from this easy-to-reach haven away from home. With local Amish shops nearby, along with stores laden with antiques, handicrafts, and local baked goods, you have everything you could desire right at hand. And if this isn’t enough, you are right at the doorstep of the Appalachia Preserve, Serpent Mound State Memorial, and Highlands Nature Sanctuary. For more information on how you can take advantage of some of the most relaxing and beautiful Romantic getaways in Ohio as well as luxury hotels, please visit: