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10 Ways Travel Benefits Kids

Select Registry - February 11, 2016

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want to see them learn and grow into successful adults who lead kind and honest lives. One way to teach your kids important life lessons is to travel with them!   Take them camping in a national park and teach them how to fish and appreciate nature. Or visit a historical landmark so your kids can learn about history! Regardless of what you do and where you go, the point is to plan family vacations while your kids are still young so that you can help them flourish.

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Here’s 10 Ways Travel Benefits Kids.

1. Travel gives them perspective. Kids grow up thinking their experiences are shared by every other kid in the world. While this couldn’t be farther from the truth, most kids don’t actually understand this until they meet others who aren’t so fortunate. For some, they won’t have this realization until they enter college. By then, your child has already spent 18 years of his life with an unrealistic view of the world.

When kids visit other places and see how others live, they gain a more realistic perspective on the world and begin to understand just how lucky they are.

2. Exploring gets them off the couch and away from the TV. Watching television does nothing positive for your child’s brain. According to KidsHealth.org, it gets in the way of a child’s desire to explore, play, and interact with others. Older kids who watch too much TV daily aren’t likely to do as much exercise, reading, or homework as those who don’t. Traveling with your kids gets them off the couch and out exploring and learning!

3. Outdoor adventures help them connect with nature. Whatever happened to family camping or hiking trips? Today, adults who camped as children with their family often see those times as some of their most cherished childhood memories.

Bring these trips back and use them as opportunities to teach your kids to appreciate and connect with nature. One way to appreciate nature is to stargaze!

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4. Travel makes them explorers. Kids who travel are blessed to learn about different parts of the world. The discoveries they make along the way will shape them into kinder adults with an appreciation for a good adventure!

Turning your kids into explorers has so many benefits. At a younger age, they will be more open to different cultures, food, and people!

5. Vacations help kids discover themselves, too. As children grow, there are so many big questions that arise. Who am I? What will I be when I grow up? What do I like? What do I dislike? These questions can be scary to some kids, which is a normal feeling when they are young.

Traveling is one of the biggest teachers for people of all ages. When you travel, you discover so much about other people and yourself, too. Kids who have a better understanding of who they are and what they stand for will not be phased by these big life questions at all!

6. Exploring teaches them basic survival skills. When kids find themselves around strangers or in a strange place at a young age, they develop survival skills faster. They have a better grasp on stranger danger because they’ve been in unfamiliar places with you. Your kids will know how to keep their possessions safe and how to spot potentially dangerous situations.

7. Travel builds their social skills. Traveling with your kids also teaches them the importance of being kind to strangers. They’ve encountered diversity at a young age so they are comfortable around anyone. Kids who travel while they are young grow up to be more accepting adults.

8. Family vacations strengthen your relationship with them. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, all you have are your travel companions. You have to rely on each other to overcome any challenges that arise on your journey. Traveling with your kids will have a positive impact on your relationship with them. Overall, there will be more trust, laughter, and love because you’ve been through so much together.

9. These trips will never be forgotten. The trips you take with your kids will become some of their most cherished memories as they grow older. It will probably inspire them to do the same with their kids since they know firsthand how much travel benefits children!

10. Family vacations will be a priority for their children, too. Kids who travel when they are young understand how beneficial it is. They won’t want their own kids to miss out on all of the lessons they learned at such an early age.

So, what are you waiting for?

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