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The BEST Colorado Bed and Breakfasts & Inns

Experience the great outdoors during your stay at a luxury Colorado bed and breakfast. From skiing down Vail, exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, or hiking Pikes Peak there are countless attractions for your romantic Colorado getaway.

Welcome to Colorado

There is no other place like Colorado on the face of the Earth. Considered the highest altitude state in the United States of America, Colorado holds treasures for those who are willing to dig. Enjoy the peace and serenity of Select Registry best bed and breakfast in Colorado and have the ultimate wilderness vacation you have been dreaming about. Colorado’s scenery is made for real adventurers, may you be on a couple’s romantic getaway, on a family expedition, or a solo trip! Bed and breakfasts in Colorado provide you with a unique and breathtaking experience. Roam through fields of wildflowers, watch the ancient mountains spring from the Earth before your eyes, and get lost in a place where snow-covered mountain tops disappear high up in the clouds. You can wake up to a magical nature setting and find your own adventure in beautiful Colorado with the help of Select Registry!

Things to See & Do in Colorado

There is so much to do in Colorado that it’s impossible to get bored. Planning is key in a place that has so many great wonders to see. If you like nature, you will fall in love with the many activities that are available to you when you stay at one of the Select Registry inns in Colorado. Hike the surrounding landscapes of Black Canyon and its 2-million-year-old cliffs, get lost in Native American history at Mesa Verde National Park, ride along the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, visit Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, and canoe at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Feel the strength of the mountains, the power of the streams and waterfalls, taste the tranquility of the meadows and the freedom aroma of the desert. Feel the wind as you ski down the mountain slopes and make thrilling memories you will never forget.

Where to Eat & Drink in Colorado

In between your outdoor adventures, head into town for some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the country. Try the famous Colorado Palisade Peaches, Rocky Mountains oysters, Colorado lamb, and even Olathe sweet corn!

Best Time to Visit in Colorado

The best time to visit Colorado varies depending on the kind of experience you are seeking. If you want to ski or snowboard down some of the best slopes in the country, then winter is by far your season. You will not experience the blooming nature, but thrills are guaranteed! If, on the contrary, you wish to see an explosion of nature, springtime and fall are ideal for your visit. March through May and September through October are a bit cooler than the summer months, while still offering the best of Colorado.

Where to stay: Colorado Bed and Breakfasts & Inns

Select Registry has some of the best bed and breakfasts in Colorado and they are a perfect fit when it comes to experiencing the most beautiful views of this state. Scroll down to see a few of our favorites. Stay in a modern and elegant setting or plan to stay in a bed and breakfast in the Colorado mountains all while living the adventure of a lifetime in all the comfort of modern amenities. Find a home away from home at a B&B in Colorado and relax in the middle of nature with the ones you love.

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