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New Mexico

Select Registry properties in New Mexico are surrounded by the Southwestern splendor of Santa Fe. Legendary for its Native American artwork and colorful markets, Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the United States.

Welcome to New Mexico

Discover New Mexico, the most magical and remote area in the United States. Go on a journey through the desert landscape, rocky hillsides, and undeveloped nature, and learn about the Native American and Hispanic influences that shaped this beautiful state. New Mexico is part of the mountain states and shares the Four Corners with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Everything about New Mexico is whimsical; the air, the sun, the tumbleweeds rolling down the road, the festive and colorful way of life. Choose the best bed and  breakfast in New Mexico and live out a real cowboy adventure! Stay in a stunning Native American and Spanish setting, stroll around the  Central Plaza in Santa Fe, dine at world-class restaurants, relax on your private patio, and go on an epic road trip around the state!

Things to See & Do

There is something to do and see around every corner in New Mexico. Even when you are driving through an endless desert, there might be an absolute gem down a dirt road. Nevertheless, the two main cities offer plenty of activities and museums to delight you and your loved ones. Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the country and has plenty of galleries to keep you entertained. The best way to experience New Mexico is to go on a road trip. Get lost in the striking desert scenery and explore the wonders that abound. Go mountain biking at Valles Caldera National Reserve, explore New Mexico’s greatest wonder at Carlsbad Caverns, travel to a prehistoric era at Lybrook Badlands, and walk on the world’s largest gypsum dune field at White Sands National Monument.

Where to Eat and Drink

Taste the best flavors of New Mexico in the numerous top-notch restaurants throughout the state. Stop at Tomasita’s near Santa Fe’s railroad station and order their famous enchiladas. Order a Norleno Margarita at Coyote Cafe, a unique and delicious blend of green chili juice and fresh lime! If you are feeling adventurous, get in your car and drive to Pie Town, a small town in the middle of nowhere that serves the best pies you will ever eat.

Best Time to Visit

Fall is probably the best time to visit New Mexico. Not only do you avoid the crowd of the peak season in June and August, but also the high temperatures. And you get to enjoy all the landscape! If you want to marvel at the wildflowers, come visit during the springtime. No place does spring like Santa Fe, especially when the cholla cactus and magenta bloom in the High Desert.

Where to stay: New Mexico Bed and Breakfasts & Inns

Choose the best bed and breakfast in New Mexico with Select Registry. Wake up to a stunning view, with snow-covered mountain tops in the distance, blue sky, and bright pink crabapple trees right outside your bedroom window. Let the timeless beauty of New Mexico steal your heart away with its warm-colored sunsets, majestic mountains, remote areas, and inherent ruggedness. You’ll get the most authentic experience in the comfort of a luxurious bed and breakfast. Make memories you will never forget in the land of enchantment, and experience a unique adventure!

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