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Hyannis & Nantucket Bed and Breakfasts & Inns

Hyannis –

Ideally located mid-Cape, Hyannis is a great destination for visitors looking to explore any of Cape Cod’s attractions and destinations from Woods Hole to Provincetown.  Hyannis Harbor is the departure point for high-speed ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Nantucket – 

Just a short ferry from Hyannis, Nantucket Island played a vital role in the foundation of the U.S. It served as a central hub for whaling, which was a major economic basis for the young country. When visiting, be sure to reserve a place to stay at one Select Registry’s Nantucket bed and breakfasts to enjoy the finest in accommodations.


With Select Registry’s Hyannis and Nantucket, MA, bed and breakfasts, you can enjoy miles of beaches, serene landscapes, and delicious food. Nestled along the shores of Cape Cod, discover Select Registry bed and breakfast properties in the quaint towns of Hyannis and Nantucket. From a fresh, modern-styled inn to classic island accommodations, experience traditional comfort and warm hospitality.


Experience New England’s charm like never before in our Hyannis and Nantucket, MA, bed and breakfasts. Hyannis is a convenient launching pad from which to visit everything from the region’s storied lighthouses, the Cape Cod National Seashore-home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast, the Cape Cod Rail Trail, or, to enjoy a whale watching tour, among many other activities and destinations.  While in Hyannis, visitors can see the iconic Kennedy compound, can tour the JFK Museum on main street, and can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and retail options.  Hyannis marina is also the departure point for the high-speed ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, making Hyannis a great choice for travelers looking to explore both the Cape and the Islands. When you visit Nantucket, feel the mystifying breeze as you get off the ferry, contemplate the pristine coastline, its virgin dunes, and soak up the sun in a one-of-a-kind setting. Take a scenic road trip down Milestone Road and let your mind get lost in all the beauty surrounding you. Take note of the trees bent by the powerful ocean wind, lighthouses on the horizon, steep cliffs and colorful flowers. You’ll feel like you stepped into a Claude Monet painting. Next, have a picnic on the beach, and even go for a swim! Reconnect with that part of you that was missing and let the shores of Nantucket wash away all your worries. Enjoy all the wonderful activities in the historic district downtown! Shop at the waterfront and explore Nantucket’s rich cultural past at the Olde Mill Museum, for example! Built in 1746, it still uses the traditional methods of our ancestors. Make a trip to the whaling museum and gaze at the 46-foot-long sperm whale skeleton, which was found on the shores of ‘Sconset in 1998. For art lovers, the East End Gallery offers a beautiful selection of paintings and sculptures. If you are the athletic type, Nantucket offers gorgeous golf courses along the beach. It’s the occasion to practice your swing in a jaw-dropping landscape! Grab a milkshake at the old Pharmacy on Main and take a short walk back to rest at your comfortable room in one of our Nantucket inns, bed and breakfasts or luxury hotels. End the day with a romantic dinner at Galley Beach on its stunning wooden deck overlooking the harbor. It’s the perfect place for an intimate reunion. Sip a glass of wine as you watch the sunset on the dazzling water. Take your significant other’s hand in yours and look into their eyes. Take this time to tell them how much they mean to you; you can’t find a more peaceful moment to do so, under a starry sky with the sounds of the sea behind you.


More than just a vacation, our Hyannis and Nantucket, MA, bed and breakfasts offer you an authentic experience you’ll want to live at least once in your life.  Make memories with the people you love most, and be ready for the greatest getaway of all in of our bed and breakfasts in Hyannis and Nantucket!

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