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Walk Through History at Dinosaur Valley State Park

Walk With the Dinosaurs in Texas

Beautiful river views at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas

If you've ever wanted to where dinosaurs once roamed and trace the steps of these once mighty creatures, then you should visit Dinosaur Valley State Park near Granbury, Texas. It's truly an incredible place to explore and one that instantly put you in touch with the long-ago giants that roamed these lands some 113 million years ago.

Aside from walking in Dinosaur footprints, Dinosaur Valley State Park is a great place to escape the city and enjoy a bit of hiking, boating, mountain biking, and more. Dinosaur Valley State Park, near the towns of Glen Rose and Granbury, is just an hour outside of Forth Worth and 90 minutes from Dallas.

There's so much to do here that it's worth spending a few days to see it all. And, of course, there's a Select Registry Bed and Breakfast located in the area to help you do just that. As you learn more about Dinosaur Valley State Park and the charming town of Granbury below, we hope you'll consider spending a few days with us in this incredible part of Texas!

A dinosaur footprint at Dinosaur Valley State Park Near Granbury Texas

Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park

It's probably pretty obvious, given its name, but the chief attraction at Dinosaur Valley State Park are the remnants of the dinosaurs that once roamed here. The area that is now Texas used to be covered in an ancient ocean - and the dinosaurs that once stood here left footprints in the muddy shoreline. 

Today, these dinosaur tracks are evident in the river bed of the Paluxy River.  There are 5 main sites throughout Dinosaur Valley State Park in which tracks have been identified, though one of them is closed due to erosion. All known tracks in the area are thought to be from either Sauropods or Theropods.

The largest track site in Dinosaur Valley State Park is called The Ballroom, which is aptly named as the tracks seem to go off in every direction (as if the dinosaurs were dancing). There are 9 large and 10 smaller sauropod tracks here and even more Theropod tracks. Later summer, when water levels are at their lowest, is the best time to see these tracks and experience Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

As amazing as standing near the actual footprints of these ancient giants is, it's not the only thing worth doing at Dinosaur Valley State Park.  Here are a few other things we recommend doing while there:

  1. Enjoy a bit of hiking and/or biking on the 20 miles of trails found in Dinosaur Valley State Park. The Rocky Ridge Trail is a great place to enjoy some overlook views of the park, as is the Overlook Trail.
  2. Canoe or kayak down the Paluxy River, experiencing these dinosaur tracks in an entirely new way while enjoying the natural beauty of Dinosaur Valley State Park. 
  3. Enjoy the plant and animal wildlife found in the area. The hilly, hardscrabble limestone terrain found here is at the intersection of several ecoregions, which means the wild diversity here is fascinating. Fall is an especially great time to see migrating birds moving through the area. 
After visiting Dinosaur Valley State Park, relax and unwind on beautiful Lake Granbury, one of the top things to do in Granbury Texas

Great Things to do in Granbury, Tx

When you've thoroughly exhausted the attractions at Dinosaur Valley State Park, the relaxing accommodations at the Inn at Granbury will be waiting for you.  While you're here, we hope you'll take the time to explore the best of Granbury, Texas - a charming, small-town worth exploring! 

There's a lot to love about the area, including Lake Granbury itself. Here are our top recommendations of things to do in Granbury: 

  1. Get out on Lake Granbury itself, followed by a beautiful sunset over the water from our friends at the Inn at Granbury Lake.
  2. Grab a pint and relax at the famous Revolver Brewing and other great wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the area.
  3. Enjoy a movie at the historic Brazos Drive-in Theater. It's one of the few theaters of its kind left in Texas. 
  4. Visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It's a drive-through safari experience known around the globe for its conservation and restoration efforts for a variety of endangered or threatened species. 
  5. Take a historical tour of Granbury aboard the Granbury Trolley.
  6. Embrace the arts by catching performances at the restored 1886 Granbury Opera House or the New Granbury Live stage.
  7. Visit Historic Granbury Square, and enjoy shopping in the 40+ boutique situated around the square.
  8. Food lovers love Granbury!  Taste your way down the Granbury Foodie Trail while you're in town. 

At the end of the day, it won't matter how many of these things you've enjoyed.  At the top of our list of things to do in Granbury is relax and unwind at the Select Registry lodging nearby.

Upscale accommodations, attention to detail, and unbeatable hospitality are just part of the experience when you choose to Stay Select. We'd love a chance to show you just how wonderful staying Select can be - we can think of few better places than charming Granbury to begin your adventures this fall!

Bed and Breakfast in Granbury, Texas

Inn on Lake Granbury

The Inn on Lake Granbury, an award-winning Granbury, Texas bed and breakfast and retreat located just 35 miles from Fort Worth, TX, and an hour's drive from the Dallas Metro area. The inn offers 15 luxury guest accommodations, a spacious meeting room for retreats and meetings, and beautifully manicured grounds. 

This luxury inn and retreat were renovated and expanded in 2005 and 2009 to blend modern, upscale amenities such as jetted tubs, steam showers, and heated bathroom floors. As you walk the grounds, enjoy the landscaped gardens and relax on the swing under 200-year-old oak trees overlooking picturesque Lake Granbury.

Take a dip in our gorgeous saltwater pool and slide under the cascading waterfall on a warm North Texas day. The Inn is just a short walk to shopping and dining on the Square in Historic Granbury, ranked in the top 5 by Southern Living Magazine as one of the "Best Small Towns" in the U.S.

Best Places to Stay in Granbury

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Inn on Lake Granbury

Granbury, TX

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