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What Are the Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations in the USA?

Select Registry - October 4, 2019

Finding the perfect vacation location to spend quality time as newlyweds can be hard to narrow down. What are you looking for in your dream winter honeymoon destination in the USA? Perhaps you’re searching for winter wonderland where you and your partner can remain snuggled up in a luxurious log cabin or venture out for snowy adventures. Maybe you’d prefer to head to California and indulge in fine wines and gentle breezes under the sun. Treat yourself to the honeymoon of your dreams. After the big day, you deserve to celebrate your future together with a romantic getaway surrounded by stunning natural scenery.

Regardless of where you decide to travel for your honeymoon, Select Registry’s properties ensure that your vacation is one for the books. Our impressive bed and breakfast, inn, and boutique hotel selection features properties well suited to fit your needs! Choose between amazing honeymoon packages and prepare for the romantic experience you’ve always dreamed of. For additional information on Select Registry’s romantic destinations, request access to our Romantic Getaway Guide! Inside, you’ll find even more suggestions for picturesque destinations to escape to with the love of your life! Continue reading for our list of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds in the winter!

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The Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

Winter Wonderlands

Quiet Wildlife Retreat in the West 

Escape to the snow-covered great outdoors with your special someone during your winter honeymoon. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the perfect destination for couples who love to explore the outdoors together. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only two around during this low-traffic tourist season. Enjoy awe-inspiring sights all around you as well as ideal conditions for winter sports. Typically popular tourist spots like Yellowstone National Park quiet down and become the most romantic place to appreciate Mother Nature’s majesty. Here, you can also enjoy skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and more! Perfect your practice or try something new as a couple.

Lakeside Maine Getaway

Imagine yourselves bundled up in wool coats and fuzzy hats, admiring the snow as it falls all around you. Look out over a frozen lake and enjoy the peace and quiet of a romantic New England getaway. Maine overflows with tranquil nature scenery and breathtaking views of what appears to be a winter wonderland. Leave your phones behind, unplug, and get lost in a relaxing experience unlike any other.  

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Where to Stay

Wolf Cove Inn, in Poland, ME, is a quiet rural retreat where newlyweds can escape and soak in the serene setting. This lakeside property sits tucked away from the hustle and bustle of reality and allows for ample opportunities to relax and unwind amidst scenes of snow-covered hills and treetops. The luxurious lodging at Wolf Cove Inn makes for a great Christmas vacation idea for couples as well!

Wolf Cove Inn

Luxurious Mountain Vacation in West Virginia

Escape to the mountains of West Virginia and picture yourselves living out a fantasy vacation surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. Hike snowy trails, adventure through icy terrain, and partake in all the fun winter activities! There’s something so mesmerizing about the way the beautiful winter sky melts into the snowy horizon.

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Sunny Honeymoons

California Wine Country Honeymoon

Cold, snowy retreats aren’t for everyone. Perhaps you and your partner would rather plan a California honeymoon under the warm rays of the sun! Wine Country in the Golden State is a bucket list vacation, to say the least. Sip spicy cabernets and sultry merlots while taking in panoramic views of surrounding nature. While you’re there for your honeymoon, don’t pass up an opportunity to cruise along scenic HWY 1 for unparalleled views of the Pacific!  

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Shaded Retreat in West Palm Beach 

Hang loose during your West Palm Beach, Florida, honeymoon! West Palm Beach is the perfect year-round honeymoon retreat. Even in the depths of winter, the temperatures stay in the 70s with plenty of sunshine. There’s always plenty to do, as this area of Florida boasts the perfect blend of history and oceanside luxury! Explore pine forests and prairies, relax on the beach, or discover America’s oldest city, St. Augustine. No matter how you spend your days, end them tasting the local cuisine. Try everything from fresh-catch seafood to an authentic Cuban sandwich. Split a slice of key lime pie to conclude each night before returning to your romantic lodging.

Where to Stay 

Speaking of romantic lodging in West Palm Beach— take a peek inside Casa Grandview! This West Palm Beach lodging option offers both short-term vacation rentals and bed and breakfast suites. Romantic travelers will love a stay in one of the five bed and breakfast suites. Each suite boasts comfort and intimacy as well as convenient amenities like daily breakfast, beach gear, bicycles, and more. Celebrate your ode to forever with Casa Grandview’s Romance Package. This special add-on includes fresh-cut flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, silk rose petals, and sparkling cider. There’s no better way to celebrate forever than with a honeymoon at Casa Grandview!

Casa Grandview

St. Simon’s Island Oasis

Discover the hidden jewel that is Little St. Simon’s Island. Floating off the coast of Georgia, this tropical paradise is the perfect escape for newlyweds in the winter. While the waters aren’t necessarily warm enough for swimming, you can still embark on various adventures such as kayaking or stroll along the coast looking for seashells to remember your trip by.

cold spring days on the seacolder season on the coast enjoying

Where to Stay

There’s no better island oasis than the Lodge on Little St. Simon’s Island. The perfect getaway for nature lovers, this charming slice of paradise allows for easy beach access and a glimpse into coastal living. Share intimate moments with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Beneath lively oaks draped in Spanish moss and overlooking the Atlantic, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Lodge on Little St. Simon’s

Stay Select

While researching the best winter honeymoon destinations in the USA, be sure to browse Select Registry’ romantic properties. Maybe you’d like to host your wedding at one of our properties and select a honeymoon package at the same location. Perhaps you’d prefer to venture far away to a remote location that offers on-site dining and spa services as an all-inclusive honeymoon experience. However you choose to spend your time together as newlyweds, allow Select Registry’s prestigious inns to make your vacation dreams come true. 

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