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Haunted Bed and Breakfasts

By day, America’s oldest cities boast period architecture and centuries of history. By night, they come alive with ghost lore, spooky sites and—some say—paranormal activity. Whether you’re a true believer or a hardened skeptic, explore the dark side of America’s historic places. These Select Registry properties have the inside scoop. Choose your own adventure among Civil War battlefields, haunted homes and eerie graveyards to get your ghoul on this fall.

Haunted Bed and Breakfasts Near Me

The Haunted Bed and Breakfast Experience

If you love the thrill of a good scare, staying at a haunted bed and breakfast may be right up your alley. Select Registry has 16 different bed and breakfasts in some of the most notoriously spooky cities in America. Many of these accommodations are gorgeous historic buildings with an added layer of mystery. Map out a trip to explore these inns, learn the stories around their “special guests,” as well as visit other haunted sites in town. Scroll down to view some of our most intriguing properties, and get ready for a trip you won’t soon forget!

Unique Experiences

If you’re planning a night in a haunted bed and breakfast, sleep may not be the No. 1 item on your agenda. And rightfully so. Instead, you’ll be on the lookout for strange noises or happenings, as well as a potential ghost sighting! One of the best spots to experience these things is New Orleans. Stay at the Canal Street Inn and be less than a mile away from what’s considered to be the scariest cemetery in the country. You can easily walk to the Gates of Prayer Cemetery in about 20 minutes or take one of the infamous New Orleans Streetcars. Another city with a rich history and plenty of ghost stories and sightings to go around is Charleston, SC. Stay in the John Rutledge House Inn, which is about half a mile away from the haunted old Charleston Jail. Hear the stories about the pirates and worst criminals in the city who served time and died in the jail. There are rumors that the old jail keeper still audibly haunts the building. Yet another is Gettysburg, PA, where you can stay at nearby Hickory Bridge Farm. Gettysburg has long been rumored to have the ghosts of old Civil War soldiers roaming the town, but it’s also a fabulous place to wander the downtown, explore the museums and see the past through new eyes.


Whether you experience any paranormal activity or not, you are sure to enjoy your stay at any of the haunted bed and breakfasts on our list. Luxurious amenities abound and include fine linens and a private bath. Each morning, wake up to a delicious, homemade breakfast. Avoid staying in a cookie-cutter room when you stay at a Select Registry property. Unique rooms, world-class amenities, delicious food, and legendary ghost stories await.

Make Memories

Believers and skeptics alike are not likely to forget your first time visiting a real haunted house. Bring along a close friend or your significant other (to corroborate your ghost stories) as well as experience the surrounding destination together. In addition to history and folklore, there are always delicious restaurants, exciting attractions, and plenty of outdoor recreation to enjoy.

Our Favorite Places to Stay

Select Registry offers beautiful and historic bed and breakfasts in some of the most famously haunted cities in our country. To find a haunted bed and breakfast near you, be sure to scroll down and browse through the many selections we have available.

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