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Discover Our Top Unique Elopement Places

So, you’ve met the love of your life, and you can’t wait to spend forever with them. This love is so passionate, playful, and far beyond platonic that you just can’t wait to say, “I do.” Rather than wait any longer, tie the knot at one of these unique elopement places! Who needs all those fancy frills when you’ve got a breathtaking backdrop to complement the genuine smile on your partner’s face? Imagine standing hand-in-hand on a mountaintop, peering out over a lush, tree-studded valley. Maybe you see yourselves getting hitched down South amidst rows of oak trees and swaying Spanish moss. Perhaps you’d prefer a coastal locale where you can feel the wind kissing your cheeks between heartfelt vows.

Host your elopement or intimate wedding at a Select Registry property for a magical experience that dreams are made of. You can even choose to begin your lifelong adventure together, off property, and return for a honeymoon stay. It’s time to take that leap! Happily ever after awaits.

Tie the Knot at These Unique Elopement Places

Oregon Wine Country

Revel in a romantic experience with the love of your life in beautiful Oregon wine country. Rolling hills cascade through valleys of vineyards. Grape vines climb their way up ornate trellises reaching for the baby blue sky. Shades of emerald, sage, chartreuse, and olive greens paint the horizon, making the perfect scene for an intimate wedding. What better way to start a new life together than by toasting with award-winning Pinots? Bask under the warm rays of the sun and savor the moment. After the elopement, stay for your honeymoon. Be sure to save a wine cork as a special token to remember the experience by!

Where to Stay

Youngberg Hill in McMinnville sits in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. With various wedding and elopement packages for guests, you could even choose to have your special day and honeymoon at the same place. Picturesque panoramas paint the perfect backdrop for you and your partner to exchange vows. To top it all off, their “green” approach to living and wine-making honor respectable environmental philosophies.

Half Moon Bay

Picture yourself staring out over the Pacific as reality sets in. The person you chose to spend the rest of your life with stands, waiting for you to take their hand. Salty aromas overwhelm your senses as you stand atop towering cliffs. Admire the giant, turquoise waves as they crawl their way up sandy-white beaches. The same gentle breeze blowing through blades of grass carries a soft reminder of nature’s beauty that wisps stray strands of hair away from your loved one’s face. The tranquility of Half Moon Bay makes this tender moment an experience you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Where to Stay near the Blue Ridge Mountains

There’s no place for cold feet in a setting as romantic as the Blue Ridge Mountains. Massive mountain ranges separate lush landscapes from a bright blue sky in the wilderness of North Carolina. Listen as birds sing a dreamy tune and watch as they fly from one tree branch to the next, dancing between treetops. Whether you decide to profess your love for each other standing in front of a cascading waterfall or at the highest peak in the Asheville area, you and your partner will remember this grand affair for the rest of your life.

Stay Select

Whether you’re looking for one of the most unique elopement places or the perfect property to book your honeymoon stay, Select Registry’s and boutique hotels provide the ultimate experience. Throw old traditions, exhausting planning, and big crowds to the wind. Make your special day all about you and the person who matters the most. Once you see their face light up against a beautiful backdrop, you’ll know you made the right choice. Your story together begins here. What are you waiting for?

Best Places to Stay in McMinnville

wine and view
Youngberg Hill
aerial view
Youngberg Hill landscape 2
guest room with a view
youngberg wine
bride on swing
wine and view
Couple Dining
Youngberg Hill
Youngberg Hill Cat in foreground
Youngberg Hill Vineyard
Youngberg Hill view of landscape

Youngberg Hill

McMinnville, OR

Front view of A' Tuscan Estate with porch lights on.
Napoli Guest Room
Portofino Guest Room
Tuscan Suite view from the entry door. Sitting area, fireplace and king bed.
Stairway between first and second levels.
Summer view of A' Tuscan Estate sign with hanging flower baskets and the Estate in the background.
Siena Guest Room Bathroom
Living Room
Tuscan Suite Guest Room
Portofino Guest Room Bathroom
Tuscan Suite Bathroom
Vineyard view with Barn in background

A' Tuscan Estate Bed & Breakfast

McMinnville, OR

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